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Congratulations to the winners!

Everbest Media with strategic partners, Manipal International University and Focal Person KPIBK Negeri Sembilan under one name - MIU STEM Innovation Lab are happy to announce our first STEM Innovation Challenge 2022, for Negeri Sembilan. This competition has been approved & recognized by Dato HJ. MD. FIAH BIN MD. JAMIN, Pengarah Pendidikan, Jabatan Pendidikan Negeri Sembilan.

The theme for the STEM Innovation Challenge 2022 for Negeri Sembilan is "MySmart UpNoghori". Students will need to identify and define problem statements in Negeri Sembilan, where they can share their idea/thoughts and develop their solutions/projects prototype using Everbest Media Edtech STEM Solutions, the Strawbees (STEAM School Kit) & SAM Labs (EBM STEM Pro Kit) with other basic materials such as cardboard, aluminium foil, 3D Printer and other basic materials to showcase their projects on how to improve the wellbeing of Negeri Sembilan.

Brought to you by:

Free 1-year EverbestMika Micro-Learning powered by Edapp Platform for the first 3 registrations from each category.

This competition is open for:



AGED 7 - 12



AGED 13 - 17

Strawbees STEAM School Kit


Official Competition Kits

Every participant is required to use both kits to produce and create projects. Participants are allowed to use other materials as long as the core kits are available and present in the project.


Registration Fees

RM100/per team

  • Each team can consist of up to 3 members only.

  • Each team is required to use both kits (see above) in their projects and presentation.

Main Prizes:

Award medals, certificates

and many more (to be announced soon).​

Rubrics & Resources

You can find all you need for the competition here.

Rubric & Regulations

Here are some guidelines to follow while developing your project and comprehending how we evaluate them.

Frequently Asked Questions

Got any questions? Check our FAQ page to find answers to some of the questions you've been wondering.

YouTube Channel

Follow us on our official channel to receive the latest updates and webinars on the competition.

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