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Learn with EverbestMika

EverbestMika is a collaborative initiative between Everbest Media and ProjectMika to promote STEM education to all students of all ages focusing on hybrid learning, exploring, designing, making and tinkering.
EverbestMika Micro-Learning Platform (powered by EdApp)
EverbestMika STEM Microlearning Hive powered by EdApp is a digital microlearning platform that focuses on learning in small steps. Anytime, Anywhere, Any Device.
To join, learn more about the platform and other inquiries, please contact us at:
What is a microlearning platform?

Human memory can only hold up to five new pieces of information before it gets lost or overwritten. Microlearning (which can also be written as micro-learning and micro learning) focuses on the key elements of any subject area which makes both educational learning and company training much more effective. By focusing on fewer topics, knowledge has a greater likelihood of transferring from short-term to long-term memory where it is embedded.

How does a microlearning platform work?

eLearning courses that employ micro eLearning typically see completion rates rise from as low as 15 percent to around 90 percent and beyond. It was first pioneered as computer-based training, but with smartphones becoming more common, going mobile has become a natural fit. There are many types of microlearning but mobile learning (otherwise known as m learning) brings with it benefits such as push notifications for lesson reminders, cloud distribution & translation plus the ability to deliver microlessons (that are always up to date) directly to learners' pockets.

More frequent rewards

With microlearning, learners feel a greater sense of accomplishment – rewards are earned quickly and progress is tangible. Feeling like they have taken a large step towards their goals in a short time motivates learners to return again and again.

Clear outcomes & goals

Short, succinct microlearning courses make outcomes clear. By implementing a single learning objective in a micro lesson plan, authors can give focus to what they know is important, which gives learners clear direction and objective goals.

Regular repetitions

Repeating content at appropriate intervals cements knowledge in learners’ long-term memories. Not only will your learners be able to understand concepts quickly, but they will also hang on to that understanding for longer.

Early experiments in microlearning saw increased knowledge retention, more engagement and better outcomes than traditional desktop-based eLearning and transmissive learning. This is due to a number of factors:

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