The EduBlock Experience will Help Your Loving Child Conquer The Job Sectors. The learning process is enjoyably gamified with milestones. There will be an interactive environment that prompts you to complete the set of challenges to reach the next milestone. So learning will be amazing and would imprint the robotics realm and it is basics on the heart. It is simply - Play Hard and Learn Easy.


  • Robotics STEAM Toy for learning Programming languages and Robotics
  • Do yourself Code and make 100 of projects like Soccer Robot, Line follower, Distance Measurement Robot and so on.
  • Learn Graphical programming, C programming, Python using EduBlock.
  • Interactive Course Curriculum for Individual Education Level beside STEAM Method.
  • Code, Control, Implement using Mobile Phone using Edublock App.
  • No wire connection needed for basic learning. Plug & Play Hitech solutions using Modern technology.

ANTT EduBlock

  • With EduBlocks, the basics are super simple with plenty of tutorials. The first step toward robotics would be to control the robot from the app. And it comes with a small enjoyable challenge. You have to figure out how to program the controlling scheme. And as always there’ll be tutorials to assist.