Drone:bit is a programmable drone designed for the drones lover of 8-16 years old. Combined with the open-source programming hardware - micro:bit, Drone:bit allows the young engineers to enjoy the fun and benefit of assembling, programming, flight. It can be an independent drone to fly by the controller, and a flying extension of micro: bit open-source hardware.


DIY and creative assembly, flexible to build

- Drone:bit features a block-building modular design and supports extensions for which encourages hands-on learning and invention


Programmable with easy to learn and fun software.

- Supports graphic programming, python programming and block-based coding which is suitable for students to learn and start coding. 


Open-source interaction for technologic

- Combined with micro:bit to enable more features and explore more fun.


Comes with rich courses for teaching and learning

- Matches course, open platform, multiple cases, knowledge for learning


Easy to fly with more flying features built-in

- Program control, controller flight, active movement, route design, position hover, attitude hold, high precision ToF

Litebee Drone:bit